About us

GenSpot - Spot, share & create content you love!

It’s a social network!

GenSpot lets you spot, share and create all the content you find interesting. Users & Brands use GenSpot as a community platform which enables them to discover interesting content through their interests. The content they love to share, with their followers. They can find new social connections through their interests browsing spots, communities or discover content by categories.

“ It is a fun way to discover new things and get inspired by people who share your interests.“

Simply find users, communities or categories you find most compelling and follow the conversations - latest stories, ideas and opinions.

Spot, share & create - anything !

The heart of the solution is the possibility to create a lot of different types of content. Users can share content with submitting any web content with it’s url, they can upload videos or photos, write blogs, create debates or add an event. Anything created or spotted will be displayed on their own personal Spot!

Spot It if you Like It!

The basics

Your Spot

It’s your own public part of the web - your online Spot. Anyone can visit your Spot & browse content you create.

“You are defined by what you Spot, Share & Create! - This is you! - This is your Spot! ”

Content you Spot, Share or Create will be displayed on your Spot in content boxes. This are your posts! You can also customize appearance of your spot - adding background - or an interesting user image. This customization will have also an effect on your published content - which will display in a custom design mode.

Your community

You can create your own community on GenSpot. A community defines an narrow interest or a cause. It’s a place where you can co-create content whit users who follow your community. Any user who follows your community - can add content. Having a status of community creator you can edit or remove the content added to your community. You can also block users who publish content - which is not suitable for your community.

“Example: You are a company which produces sport gear? Then you can create a community “Sport is healthy” and whit great content you will attract followers to your community. As simple as that!”

Co - creating content whit followers of your community is a fun way to create a meaningful debates and really cool content that users will love & adore! It’s a nice way to communicate your interest and can be a powerful tool for your business.

Getting followed = being popular :)

Status of an user in a community is defined by number of followers - he can attract with his content. If his content is interesting the community administrators will feature his content in main GenSpot categories or on the first site (homepage) of GenSpot (only the best & interesting content). This means that the content will get a lot of buzz and visits.

“Creating great content is equal to getting a lot of new followers & buzz around your content.“

You can also get new followers by following users you find interesting (they will be notified) or by following other segments such as interesting communities or main GenSpot categories. The system will automatically recommend you to the users sharing the same interest - as recommended user.

“Having a lot of followers - means - having a lot of influence in the community! In simple words - more followers - more exposure of your content”

Getting popular on GenSpot is really easy. Just be cool - create cool content and you will find your self in the center of the happening!

You don’t have to create content to get value form GenSpot

You don’t have to create content on GenSpot to enjoy the essence of our community. Whether you publish 20 posts a day or newer - you can still have access to the content you find interesting. Just follow the categories, interesting users or cool communities and GenSpot will deliver content connected to your interest.

Even better! If you find some content really cool you can use “Spot It” function to add the content to your personal spot! It’s a function really similar to “Like”, “Share” or “Re-tweet” function - well known on Facebook or Twitter. With a simple click you will quickly “re-publish” content and give credits to it’s authors.

Bringing worlds of “social” together

With a simple click you can invite friends on Facebook - to join you on GenSpot. They will get a special invitation link - witch will connect you upon at their first sign in on GenSpot. It’s a great way to get connected with real life friends - who share your interests.

You can also publish all the content you create on GenSpot as shared content on Facebook or Twitter - on the fly. Just connect your Facebook & Twitter account!

“Connect to your Facebook & Twitter account - to have real time exposure of your content published on GenSpot! - It will attract a lot of users to your content!”

GenSpot for Businesses

GenSpot connect users to businesses in real time. Businesses use GenSpot to share information with users interested in their services & products. They can gather real time feedback from the market and also use GenSpot as an powerful social media platform. Businesses can publish all types of content - and get exposure of that content threw our advertising system.

“We designed GenSpot in a way that businesses can use it in a lot of different ways.” See some cool case studies.
“We also designed & innovated new kind of online advertising! It’s a new and completely crazy way of attracting attention to your services or products!”

Check it out - Advertising on GenSpot

GenSpot & the world

GenSpot is being handcrafted in the most beautiful city in the world - Ljubljana (Slovenia). By a micro team of three individuals - loving the web & social media. The service is currently available in English & Slovenian language. More languages are being prepared and will be available by the end of the year! You can change your language preferences in your user settings with just a few clicks. The system will determine your default language by your location or operating system preferences - you can always override this setting by choosing the preferred language!

World with no boundaries

Developers of GenSpot - do not believe that users & content should be separated by language boundaries. So the preferred language for publishing content on GenSpot is English - but not mandatory. You can create your content in any world language you want. By using language preferences - you will get the basic translations of menu's, forms and automated conversations. The content of the community will stay the same for all users.